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ACHROME - ONE BY ONE     Artists: Group Show.     11 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Sundays open)     12th to 28th February 2014 at India Fine Art, Film Centre Building, 3rd Floor, 68 Tardeo Road, Mumbai 400034     11 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Sundays open)     Contact: 022-23520438, 23520439     Email:
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12th to 28th February 2014 at India Fine Art, Film Centre Building, 3rd Floor, 68 Tardeo Road, Mumbai 400034 11 a.m. to 7 p.m (Open on all days)
Gunjan Arora & Rahul Jain   |   Kavita Jaiswal   |   Nupur Kundu   |   Rahul Kumar
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Living through the lanes of chaos, primarily created ourselves, we come face-to-face with the craving to unknot and reinterpret our own paths. How does one strive for clarity through this clutter of abundance? One way is to view things in binary. It helps remove the unimportant and retain only the significant that contributes to provide a complete meaning. White is universally considered to be spiritual and a peaceful state. On-the-other hand, black should not necessarily be interpreted as the diametrical opposite. A fresh perspective is to see it as a void – one that gives birth to the new.

Stepping aside from the world of colour which is omnipresent and pervasive in our material world, eliminating it helps provide a refreshing paradigm to interpret reality in its purity.

It becomes paramount to take a step back, one by one, till the vision becomes clear and the passage emerges. Concentrating that within a diminutive frame not only helps in viewing this worldview intimately but also encourages the realization that the true meaning can be fit within it. This small space opens up a panorama that is larger than life itself!

 ‘Achrome, One by One’ is a series that addresses this aspect.

Four abstract contemporary artists come together to explore their respective arts with a common theme and format: Achrome – one that lacks colour, and within the space of one feet by one feet. The commonality of feelings brought this group together. What added to the excitement was the attraction towards other medium...other than each one themselves had used in past.

Abstraction, being the essence of the real, uses a visual language of form, line, tone, texture, and colour. It is abridgement of thoughts with existence only in the mind. Here emotion becomes recognizable rather than the ‘object’ itself.

Each of the artists’ work in the group uses a similar emotional language, yet have a strong individual expression thereby rendering a wide spectrum of visually different illustration. The quest for each of the artist is to be able to exist in this abstract space, feel it without the burden of finding the need to decipher. Needless to say that the viewer here shoulders the responsibility of interpretation and reconstruction, and eventually finding themselves in the new space we are presenting.


Kavita in her works attempts to capture the present moment as a part of the existence without a beginning or end. The works presented in this show are part of a larger series titled “no beginning, no end”. These are mix-media works on canvass using sands, acrylic, rice-paper, and ink.

Nupur in her oil-on-canvas, attempts to go deep into a vision of reality, revealing a secret that involves a Hegelian movement between opposites and their possible transcendence through a visual and philosophical synthesis. By moving between black and white in furious impasto palette knife application, she visualises a multidimensional multi layering unfolding of reality.

Rahul uses porcelain clay to pull-out a detail of the larger expanse. It’s as though his works create an excerpt to magnify and enlarge the now and the here – one that is restricted within a larger universe. While his medium is very tactile, his subject is the pot form (platters in this body of work), one that contains…holds. 

The Gunjan-Rahul duo bring in a unique medium of collected threads, hand stitching them, thereby creating a manifestation of their process of meditation. The result is finding space to exist in. Their works embody the journey of the treads that travel to them and traverse through their hands to express thoughts that take shape and sought a higher ground in one’s mind scapes.

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