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12th to 28th February 2014 at India Fine Art, Film Centre Building, 3rd Floor, 68 Tardeo Road, Mumbai 400034 11 a.m. to 7 p.m (Open on all days)


Gunjan, Fashion designer by training and Rahul, an MBA by profession are both art and textile enthusiasts by passion. Having had a run as established Designers in the world of fashion the duo developed and evolved some textiles that had an art like feel and eventually earned them patents for their innovations. They transitioned to being “Thread artist”, as they like to call themselves, in the year 2005 when they discovered that some of their fashion/ textile works were found framed as artworks with their patrons. Since then the duo have showcased their constantly evolving work across select galleries and have been commissioned textile installations and framed art by patrons, corporate and institutes.


Key exhibitions

-           ‘My Images my memories’, Debut solo show, Gallery 302, New Delhi in August 2006 (epitomized the story of every girl, interpreted in form of a 22 meters long thread scroll)

-          ‘Art and Style’, group show with various artists, Dhoomimal art Gallery, November 2006.

-          ‘Living Canvases’, solo presentation of wearable art showcasing the art work on live models, Hotel

-          Metropolitan Niko, February 2007

-          ‘Dancing Hues’, group show with various artists, Hotel Metropolitan Niko, Sept. 2007

-          ‘Indigo’, group show, Apparao Galleries, Triveni Gallery, New Delhi, September 2008

-          ‘Rrikt- Vyakt’, group show, SMC gallery, New Delhi, October 2008

-          Solo Exhibition of stretched wall installations of textile created with Steel and Yarns, The Gallery

-          Ramscale, New York, November 2008

-          ‘The Marco Polo Diaries’, group show, Apparao Galleries, Chennai, September 2009

-          Indian Art summit-2010, Stainless Gallery

-          Group show, Vindemia Gallery, Dubai, April 2010

-          Solo show, Nehru Center, London, June 2010

-          ‘Poetry in frames, group show, Alliance Francaise de Delhi gallery, November 2010

-          ‘Meandering my innerscapes’, solo show, Stainless Gallery, December 2010

-          Auction show with three international artists in Melbourne, Australia, March 2011

-          Solo show of Wearable Art and related wall works at Gallery Roland, Alliance Francaise de Delhi, October2011

-          ‘Construction of Loss’, group show, Gallery Exhibit 320, January 2012

-          Solo show, Veranda 8, Chicago, November 2012.The gallery is the sole promoter of the artists across the United States of America

-          Solo show, Veranda 8, Chicago, September 2013

-          Solo show, Malaka Spice, Pune, 15th till 31st December 2013.

Other experience

Gunjan& Rahul have two fashion labels to their credit and are design consultants to some known Indian and overseas brands. The duo is currently also costume designers for some prominent forthcoming films besides having done numerous advertisement and theatre assignments. Some of their projects under production include art and costume conceptualization and execution for the adaptation of “the flowering tree” to be staged at Opera du Chatelet,Paris,France.

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